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Air Max 98 LX "Tear Away" Women’s

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Offering vivid colors hidden under a white textile shell, both of these classic silhouettes enable the wearer to add their own spin by removing as much — or as little — of the crisp casing as they wish.

Although this white textile husk is indeed made to be cut away, it’s sturdy enough to hold its own if left on. This is where the personalization aspect comes into play. Underneath these fabric folds sit premium leather base layers with a wide variety of summer-inspired hues, ranging from cool blues to rich purples and hot reds. Even tongue tags boast concealed embellishments, and insoles add a question mark print while midsoles are left stark and simple.

Therefore, you’re left with a plethora of options. Want to remove the top layer entirely? You’ll have a bright multi-colored style. Want to be artistic and distress this layer like a pair of ripped denim? Doable. Want to just wear ‘em and see what happens to the outer layer with use? Perfectly acceptable as well. There are no “rules” with this duo — the wearer can work within the parameters of each shoe to create something unique.