Air Force 1 Jewel 'Home & Away' Black

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In soccer, the host team is distinguished from the visitor by the color of its kit, with those conflicting hues offering a clear delineation between the protagonists and their challengers.

This special-edition AF1 expands on that concept by imbuing the design with a pair of contrasting colors that can only be revealed through wear and agitation. The motif subtly extends to the shoe’s details, with compass-inspired graphics appearing both on the tongue and on a special hang tag that mimics luggage labels. This iteration features shades of black and safety orange.

An All-black pair of Air Force 1 Jewels, boasting a black Swoosh and a crisp Black Leather that transforms into a Safety Orange to match its inner sole and tongue lining. Equipped with a sturdy sail midsole.

SKU: CK4392-001